Julie Sparrowgrove

I have had a camera in hand since I was a kid, at seven I started filling my own albums. I took classes in photography in High School and worked on the school newspaper and yearbook all four years. I shot my first weddings when I was 14, and four more in the next year. Julie Ann Sparrowgrove

Create Your Badge My mother was an artist, she taught me about composition of a “work” whether it be on canvas or on film . In college I worked on the school Newspaper and Yearbook, traveling to football games to shoot them for the newspaper and yearbook. I enjoyed photography so much, I did not see it is a job! I did baby picture as gifts, wedding photos as gifts…etc., I was often asked why I did not take it further…I wanted to raise my babies first, then be able to travel for my work as well as work in the town I live in. I needed to be able to commit unlimited time to a “Job” without rushing. Now I can do that, and with my Husband, and family's support! my email jasparowgrove@gmail.com


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